Hello Friends!

Hey! It’s me, Kelly!

Welcome to Gray and James. My name is Kelly Royal, the seamstress behind Gray and James. In early 2023 I was given a of large amount of fabric from my husband’s late grandmother. Beautiful, vintage fabrics that were destined for something greater than a Tupperware bin. After some thought on what to do with these gifts Gray and James was born. It grew from the love and inspiration of a few great women I’ve known in my life.

Emmy Lou was a beautiful seamstress who created a number of treasures over her life, from porcelain dolls to Christmas stockings. She carried herself with a quiet but strong grace and I am so honored to get to sew with her gorgeous fabrics.

Emmy Lou, 2010

Thelma was pure joy. She loved cruises and Nascar and living her life to it’s fullest. She inspired me to be adventurous and to invest my time in making memories. Gray and James’ profits will go towards an adventure fund for my little girls so they can travel the world like Thelma.

Thelma, 1995

Margaret Ann was the reason I learned to sew. She had a firecracker personality and a wild sense of humor, but when it came to sewing she was an absolute professional. I am so lucky she passed down this special gift to me.

Margaret Ann, 1989

I’m so excited to get to share these special bows with you and your family!